The Fred Simmons Trustee Project in the Arts

The Fred Simmons Trustee Project in the Arts (FSTPA) was launched in 2006 with a generous donation from Mr. Fred Simmons, U.S.A. The Project aimed to establish a digitized library for the research and study of art history, architecture and contemporary art at Tel Aviv University, for research faculty and students, as well as for research associated with Tel Aviv University.


In its first stage, the Project proceeded to digitize a large portion of the Art History Department's Dr. Carl Rothfeld Slide Archives in order to enable users to work with updated technology for research and teaching. In its second and ongoing stage the Project continues to digitize portions of the slide collection as well as to enlarge the database of digitized images according to new interests in the study of art and art history, to assist and research faculty and advanced students in their academic pursuits.

The digital library consists of images of fine arts and architecture masterpieces, categorized according to the art history method of classification: Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern and Israeli and Islamic Art. Every image is supported by concise textual data.


The existing digital image bank of the Fred Simmons Trustee Project in the Arts (by the end of 2009) consists of approximately 46,000 images of works of art, and is accessible, via the University site MyTAU, to Tel-Aviv University students and academic faculty. This availability via the web serves the entire academic community of Tel-Aviv University and facilitates teaching, study and research of Art History, as well as suggests new horizons for all potential users who may enhance their work with the aid of the Project.


The digitization of the Slide Archive's enormous collection of slides, while in the meantime also adding new materials according to emerging research needs and interests, is a time-consuming and budget-dependent process. It is therefore an ongoing process, which will be continuously advanced.


The Fred Simmons Trustee Project in the Arts' digital library is not yet complete or comprehensive; still, it is increasing and growing richer every day.




The Fred Simmons Trustee Project in the Arts Update 2011


This project began in 2009 with Mr. Simmons' generous gift for the digitizing of the Art Slide Collection of the Art History Department (see home page of the Faculty of Arts). With the event of Mr. Simmons' next gift, The Fred Simmons Trustee Project in the Arts enlarges its scope and aims to launch the digitizing of the archive materials of "The Israeli Center for Documentation of Performing Arts" (aka: The Theater Archive).


Over 2011-2012 the Center's staff will proceed with this project, and information regarding access to digitized materials will be published here as we proceed.


The Israeli Center for Documentation of Performing Arts is grateful to Mr. Simmons' for his long term and generous Trustee Project in the Arts, which intensifies our research potential for the benefit of all.


The use of the Fred Simmons Trustee Project in the Arts digital data is restricted 
to educational and research purposes only.

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