Single-Major Track in Art History

Single-major track in Art History and Single-major track for Honorary students

Single-major track in Art History

The Single-major track in Art History offers a rich and diverse curriculum and would allow B.A. students to specialize in a unique track in Art History already in the beginning of their university lives.  The studies offer a wide, current and diverse view of the field, both by instilling an extensive base of knowledge, and both from a theoretical and methodological aspect.


The Single-major track for Honorary students is designated for a select group of potential leaders in the field who can realize an important role both in the research life and in the world of art and visual culture outside of the university in the near decades.


This select group will enjoy a diverse curriculum that includes practicable seminars in museums and galleries in the country or abroad, courses in curatorship and museology, a selection of master's classes, etc. The aim of this program is to expose the students to the artistic and introspective sphere, while interacting with artists, galleries and museums.


Designated places in select courses are reserved for students who are accepted into the honorary track.


Application to the single-major track for honorary students will be held at the end of the first school year and is conditioned by an average of at least 85 in first-year courses of Art History.


The unique courses for the honorary track will include:


  1. A practical seminar: a seminar where the students will experiment with a research work in conjunction with the artworks themselves. About one-third to one-half of the meetings will be organized as regular seminars in a study hall whereas the rest of the meetings will take place in a practical manner in conjunction with original artworks: in the University Gallery, in galleries across Tel-Aviv or in museums. If possible, the seminar will take place abroad.
  2. Curatorship and museology: two designated courses of the honorary track that will be guided by a leading instructor. In the course of these courses, personal meetings with professionals in the fields of curatorship and criticism will take place.
  3. Master's classes: these lessons will introduce the students to leading Israeli artists, where they will be exposed to the process of creation and the thought process leading to it. In the single-major track it will be possible to participate in two master's classes in order to merge between theory and practice, both from and artistic aspect and from the aspect of practical art subjects, such as curatorship. When applying to master's classes, priority will be given to students of the single-major track.
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