About the program

  • A new honor roll special program, based on a rich variety of theoretical subjects studied in the arts faculty, also professional profound teaching in the design of the stage, film and TV and production activity inside and outside the faculty.
  • This wide professional training, like no other in the country, in Theater, Film, TV and Opera, offers internships on second degree levels in ecoration, costumes, lightning and more, and opens a broad employment horizon to the seniors.
  • In addition of providing comprehensive education and knowledge in the design skills in a technologic - digital environment, there's a highlight on personal creativity development, and in internship stage on collecting a personal aesthetic language.


The programs provide theoretical tools and train the students to research which goes along with the creation. The program seniors are not just knowledgeable creators in their theoretical arts, but also researchers that tributes to the medium theories.


Studies structure

The studies will take place in the theoretical field and practical field  in four years, instead of five.

At the end of the second year the students will go on a pedagogical board which will direct them, based on their achievements, to one of the two possible courses:


   A. in the direct course of second degree MFA, the program will specialize in the fourth school year in one or more in the design professions in Theater or
        Film and TV des            

   B. Completing first degree studies (B.A) on third year.


The program gives "University graduate" title (B.A) in the arts Multidisciplinary program and "Art's Master's degree in the university" (MFA) in the theater arts design, in four years instead of five.



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