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This Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts is geared for those interested in broadening and extending their control in current methodologies of interdisciplinary research, and in applying these to subjects which cover several arts or areas of discussion that are relevant to more than one art.


In order to prepare the researcher in this direction, the program combines unique core courses. Additionally, each student chooses (subject to the program's policy) either a subjective or a disciplinary focused framework  out of the variety of M.A. classes that are offered in the faculty's departments, or (if necessary) out of other faculties. In this way the program allows an academic meeting between current methodologies of interdisciplinary research (semiotic, phenomenological, gender-oriented) and between personal preferences and unique areas of interest of each student.


The program provides a solution to the increasing interest in interdisciplinary approaches in the humanities in general, and in research of the arts in particular. Mapping the affinities between different types of Medias, forms of exposition, poetics, rhetoric tools, and general tools of expression – enriches the interpretation of a single work of art and places it in a larger cultural context. Each field of art offers its own language to the view of the world and its description, or better yet, its textual creation in different human contexts. The academic interest in comparative methods and syntagmatic research of semiotic-systems is especially fruitful when it comes to artistic mediums, poetic texts and deep-seated questions of expression, aesthetics, universality and artistic exemplariness. Simultaneously, the interdisciplinary methods allow a systematization of existential aspects in the aesthetic discourse, from the point of view of its politicization, social roles, gender orientations, metaphysical obligations, influence of the "Other" etc. Primarily, it prepares the serious study regarding the question of artistic representation in general, both from an adaptive aspect from one medium to another medium, and from the aspect of the appearance of "reality" (or its demise) in traditional as well as contemporary styles. The connection between an image and a word, between images and themselves, between cultures in their entirety and artistic representations and between all of the methods of expression that the faculty focuses on (painting, music, theatre, film, photography) - all of these are put on the front of the discussion by use of innovative methods and by promotion of unorthodox ways of observation.  Our students are expected to try their powers of discussion and interpretation, research and scientific writing, in regards to these subjects.

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