Theses & Dissertations


Student Name Title Theses Advisor Year
Michal Blau

Design Control as a Planning Tool : Development, Expansion and Spatial Influence in Tel Aviv-Jaffa 1927-2019


Talia Margalit 2022
 Liran Yehuda Shukrun

 "National Outline Plan 38" - Objections and changes of urban planning policies : the balance of power between local citizens and the local authority, in urban development processes


Talia Margalit 2022
Gili Inbar 

City-industry relations in development towns in Israel : Trends and renewal processes in the 21st century


Tali Hatuka 2022
Hagit Leshem

 "Towards Spatial Ethics" : Synagogue planning at University Campuses in Israel 


Roy Kozlovsky 2022
Lihi Eingedi Davidovich

Emerging Spaces : Changes in the use of public spaces in Tel Aviv during and after COVID 19 epidemic


Efrat Blumenfeld Liebertha 2022
Roa Dawoud

Patterns of use and involvement of users and regulators in the digital platforms operated by the Municipality of Taiybe


Efrat Blumenfeld-Lieberthal 2022
Ori Balterbarth

Heritage of cultural routes as a lever for intercultural dialogue : The Jaffa-Jerusalem Road


Roy Kozlovsky 2021
Nitza Pick Student dormitories : Social concept and experimental typology

Roy Kozlovsky

Shay Ben-Yosef

Michal Aharony


Morphology and cognition in textural regeneration of neighborhoods and city blocks in Florentin and its borders with the outskirts of Jaffa and Neve Sha'anan


Juval Portugali 2021
Shlomo Strauss

Broken Dome : Synagogue Architecture of Yeshayahu Ilan


Roy Kozlovsky 2020
 Dana Shetrit-Melamed

Distributive justice in the NEGEV lands : Military bases as a case study 


Talia Margalit 2020
 Idit Riklin Strategies for allocating and planning public open spaces in Arab villages : Action research

Talia Margalit

Ayala Ronel


Alon Zohar

interaction with the phisycal environment that cancer patients experience during day hospitalization : Case study: The Nacht Day Care Unit, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Eran Neuman

Iris Aravot

Ohad Sorek Biblical City Archetype in the Garden of Eden : Sacred Space as a Model for a Public Sphere

Eran Neuman

Esther Garbiner


Ronit Biton        

The buds of the new Israeli collective housing : Amid a quiet revolution and accelerated Neo liberalism

Talia Margalit              2019    

Ran Shabtay

Feedback loop Mechanism for Nonlinear Architecture Process in the work of ONL


Eran Neuman 2019
 Tomer Rabinowitz
"Navigating the fractal city" : Or The influence of topological and morphological attributes of the built environment on spatial-cognitive perception, using virtual reality in real-time simulation

Efrat Blumenfeld-Lieberthal

Juval Portugali

 Anat Dror Sharp

Role of Planning Resources in Planning in Medium-Sized Towns in Israel : The Case of Yavne and Kiriat Gat


Talia Margalit 2019
Gal Dar Waisel
Visual Images of Culture Houses in Israel : Communal and National Architectural Memory in the First Two Decades of the Israeli State

Esther Garbiner

Edina Meyer-Marril

Erez Klapper

New methods of stone cladding 

Eran Neuman 2017
Jonathan Letzter 

Additions to historic bulidings : a hermeneutic interpretation

Eran Neuman 2016
Gili Shapira

The architect and the digital design process : the case of Makoto Sei Watanabe

Eran Neuman 2016
Alon Goldenberg
Morphology-embedded networks : a topological approach in analyzing the influence of built forms on our spatial cognition of the urban environment

Efrat Blumenfeld-Lieberthal

Juval Portugali

Eytan Mann
The digital expressionist model : where is expressitvity in Frank Gehry's models?
Eran Neuman 2016
Tamara A. Sedziszow
The role of climatic design in Israel modern architecture : light and shade in public buildings design through the 1950s' and 1960s'
Noam Austerlitz 2016
Assaf Asherov

On denoting transparency : the meaning of the idea of transparency in the writings of Colin Rowe, in light of Bertrand Russell's theory of denoting

Eran Neuman 2016

Efrat Vertes

Architectoral preservation, implementation mechanisms and their implications in Tel Aviv's city center

Talia Margalit       2016
Tom Shaked

The Non-monumental monument Holocaust commemoration in the digital age

Eran Neuman 2016
Ziv Leibu

Architecture of Israeli youth villages, 1930-1960 : ideology and space

 Roy Kozlovsky 2016
Jonathan Dortheimer

Open source Architecture: challenges and oppertunities 

Juval Portugali 2016

Gabriel Schwake

Antrifragility and the right to the city : the regeneration of Al-Manshiya and Neve-zedek

Talia Margalit       2016
 Ram Kaplan

Industrial vernacular: Prefabricating the New Jerusalemite Place after 1967 War Case Study: Habitat Israel, 1969-1970 

Eran Neuman 2016
Bruria Shaked-Okon

Existence, opportunities and planning in 'Tel-aviv-Jaffa' city : 'Tel-aviv-Jaffa' monicipality coping with the process of self organization in the city from early days to present days

Juval Portugali 2016

Yossi Shushan

MCT : the urban experience as derived from spatial cognition and networks research

Efrat Blumenfeld-Lieberthal

Juval Portugali

Tamir Lavie
Augmented reality technology in general nursing unit : new media aafects the architecture of health care facilities

Eran Neuman

Israel Gannot

Nimrod Serok

Intra-urban human mobility pattern simulation model

Efrat Blumenfeld-Lieberthal 2015
Shany Granek-Isby Changes in the border area between the Kibbutz settelments and the community expansion neighborhoods

Talia Margalit  

Juval Portugali

Michal Bleciher Kugler Courtyards functional role in climatic planning

Oded Pochter

Eran Neuman




Student Name Title Theses Advisor Year
Jonathan Dortheimer A Crowdsourcing Method for Architecture : Towards a Collaborative and Participatory Architectural Design

Eran Neuman

Tova Milo

Aya Peri Bader

On the Everyday experience of the built environment : ordinary - out of the ordinary - extraordinary urban and architectural experience


Eran Neuman        2020
Sigal Davidi
The woman architects of mandate Palestine and the creation of social modernism
Robert Oxman
Hannah Naveh


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