Editing Rooms

The School of Film and Television offers its students a wide variety of tools that allow creation of films and pilot episodes for television shows, among which are editing rooms containing up-to-date Avid systems, which allow film editing 24 hours a day.

Order and Reservation Regulations for the Editing Rooms


Email for order of editing rooms: tau.editing.rooms@gmail.com


Shifts in the editing rooms and in the studios can be ordered only via this email. We are able to respond to emails on working hours only – unfortunately, we are not able to respond to an email sent at 2:00 a.m. requesting to reserve a room for editing at 8:00 a.m. the next morning. Alternatively, this also applies for emails sent on a Saturday requesting to reserve an editing room for the following Sunday.


There are 3 editing rooms available for students (rooms 13, 14b and 15), exercise room for students (12) and a sampling room (17). First year students are not allowed to work in the editing rooms excepting room 12. However, individual cases will be considered by the head of the school.


When ordering an editing room please specify the exact date and hours in the email – do not use terms such as "shift", "whole day", "several hours" etc. – otherwise we cannot reserve a room. You must indicate exact hours and exact dates.


Please specify in the body of the email your full name, ID no., and a phone number. If you have a preference for a specific room, you can mention it.


You must collect the key to the editing room from the key vault which is located outside the doors of the little studio. The vault's code changes on a daily basis. In accordance with this, when reserving an editing room a week ahead of time, you must keep updated a day or too beforehand with the changing code.


In order to insert the code you must press the 4 digits, and afterwards press the button shaped like a key. Several optimistic beeps will be heard signaling that the vault is unlocked. It must be relocked afterwards and not be left unlocked, of course.


The code is replaced on the evening of every day, or on the morning of every day – so often some people will receive a code, and that code will be replaced in the evening of the same day. Please pay attention to this issue and ask the code for the next day.


Pay attention: inserting a wrong code 3 times consecutively will lock the vault for several minutes.


Those who lost all hope and are not able to insert the code (forgot it, lost it etc.) – are required to return the key immediately after finishing work to p.o. box 12 outside the secretariats office, and inform us (us, meaning the editing rooms technicians – not Gishri, not David, not Tausinger, us).


Eating, drinking and smoking are forbidden in the editing rooms, and it is required to maintain order and cleanliness. Materials that have been left on the computer will be deleted – there is no mercifulness regarding this issue.


Hard drives: please do not bring hard drives that belong to Mac computers. We do not own a Mac computer and we can't help you to use them. Only bring PC hard drives.


Materials that belong to new cameras that film AVCHD (files with MTS extensions) usually do not go in the systems here. These are files that Avid has trouble processing, and it's recommended to convert these files ahead of time to a different encoding. You are willing to consult with us before doing so.



Regulations for the editing rooms:

  • The key must be returned immediately at the end of the work day.
  • You must not take keys home, even if your next shift is the next day.
  • The key must be returned to the vault located near the doors of the small studio.
  • If the safe isn't working you can return the key to David's p.o. box near the secretariat office (p.o. box 12).
  • The code to the safe changes every day and you must keep updated around the date of the shift.



Important to remember: editors who leave materials on the computers do so at their own risk. The computer is cleaned once a week unless decided otherwise.



For questions or problems, phone office: 972-3-6406562


Have a wonderful time editing,

Liran and Omri

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