The School of Film and Television offers its students a wide variety of tools that allow creation of films and pilot episodes for television shows, among which are studios that are the most enhanced and advanced of their kind in the country.

The school owns two studios that are the most enhanced and advanced of their kind in the country. The studios were renovated in the summer of 2012 and they currently offer up-to-date equipment, accessorized and modern control room and a "Green Screen" for special effects.


Studio Regulations


Studio production:

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the studio, and no smoking is allowed. Students who are caught doing so will be heavily sanctioned!
  • Order and cleanliness must be kept – at the end of every production you must fold the cameras in the designated corner, roll the cables, shut-off the lighting, return the equipment and sweep the floor. For any action that is not clear please consult the studio technician.
  • At the end of each production the technician must be informed and the studio's door must be slammed shut in order for the automatic lockdown to become activated.
  • Inside the control room: do not touch any device without the confirmation and guidance of the studio's technician!

  • Devices must not be turned on and off. You must use them exactly in the manner that was taught in the guidance sessions. Students that change preferences or use the control not according to regulations – will distort the devices and not be able to complete the production.
  • In order to climb on ladders or change the lighting you must undergo the Lighting Workshop with Ofer Yaakovi (not the Fastlicht Safety Workshop). Otherwise, any moving of lights will be made by technician only.


Working in the studio:

  • For every production there is a daily producer in-charge. The studio will not be unlocked without the presence of the daily producer (or the chosen production manager). The production manager must sign the attendance and equipment sheet – and every additional article of equipment will be added to that list. At the end of the production the production manager must return all of the equipment they took and receive confirmation that the studio is clean and tidy before they leave.
    A production that does not meet these conditions – will be sanctioned and will not receive any equipment or aid later in the semester.
  • For every additional item of equipment that is not registered in the equipment sheet (such as ladders, coulisses, gelatins, crates etc.) – you must make sure in advance that these are available for use.
    *it is possible and advisable to arrive a day early in order to organize the studio. In the event that the organization exceeds school hours – the daily producer will sign for staying in the studio, and if required, receive a code or a key. In such an event: all of the equipment in the studio and in the control room, as well as charge of cleanliness and order, will become the exclusive responsibility of the producer.
  • In the control room: the control room's default is recording of the routing in one channel, alongside 3 additional media channels that are available for loading and broadcast (like VTR). In exceptional cases only this regulation may be changed and another recording method may be chosen. The broadcast is recorded to the server in a MOV format, encoded MPEG-4. The recorded files may be taken only two weeks after the production. After this time the media will be deleted from the server without warning. You must coordinate a day with the technician and download the media from the server using a portable disk drive. Coordination can be done via email.
    *the files are very large and a disk-on-key will not be able to contain them. Please be equipped ahead with a portable disk drive (some disk drives work in the FAT32 format while others work in NTFS. The second format is that one that works with large files. You can consult the technician for further clarifications.)
  • During recording you must make sure that the files were recorded to the folder that was designated to the specific production. A broadcast that is recorded to another production's folder is under the responsibility of that production alone – and might be deleted.
  • External media files that the production intends to load for broadcast (like VTR) will come in MOV or AVI formats. The files must be brought to the technician at the beginning of the production day (and not before the production itself) since it takes time to add them into the server.
    The technician alone is permitted to add files into the server. Regardless, it is advisable to bring the files a day or two beforehand in order to make sure together with the technician that they are working. Conversions for defective files will not take place during the production nor will such files be loaded – please be responsible.



Reserving a studio:

  • In order to use the studio in a timeframe outside studio production class, please coordinate the dates with David or the technician (preferably via email), and receive a written confirmation from Yaron Bloch, head of the Production Track.
  • Use of the studio includes only space and lighting – there is no access to either cameras or studio control. Any additional equipment is under the responsibility of the students.
  • Reserving a studio is conditioned by signing a Studio Reservation form (signed by the studio technician and the head of the school Yaron Bloch), and by leaving a student ID as a deposit. You must abide by the rules and regulations of the studio, and any transgression will result in sanctions and requirements for the students or the entirety of the production – in relation to the studio as well as in relation to the school in general.  Please abide by the rules.



You can contact us for any question, request or consultation through email or telephone.


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