Dr. Fatina Abreek-Zubiedat

School of Architecture
ביה"ס לאדריכלות סגל אקדמי בכיר

Dr. Arch. Fatina Abreek-Zubiedat; Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) , Head of the Lab of Spaces-in-Transition

Spaces-in-Transition: "Wheat Security" project



After my graduation in 2007, I joined the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of the Technion – IIT (Haifa, Israel), where I completed my M.Sc. The Architecture of the Palestinian 'Refugee Camps' in the West Bank: Dheisheh Refugee Camp as a case study, 1948-1967 and Ph.D Architecture in Conflict beyond the Green Line: Gaza and Yamit Cities 1967-1982with outstanding distinctions in 2011 and 2018, respectively. There, I have pursued research in history, theory and criticism of architecture in colonial contexts, with a focus on Spaces-in-Transition in conflict zones, aid and humanitarianism in the global south, forced movement and its materialization in refugee camps. My studies have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, books and conference proceedings (see publications), and has been recognized by several prestigious awards and grants, including , inter alia, the Azrieli Award, Gutwirth Memorial Award and America-Israel Culture Foundation 

 I awarded successive competitive postdoctoral fellowships (The Rothschild fellowship, The Neubauer fellowship and The Planning and Budgeting Committee (VATAT) fellowship for Arabs). Between 2019 and 2021, I joined ETH Zurich, and the Chair of the History and Theory of Urban Design under the supervision of Prof. Tom Avermaete (Head of the chair). My research delved deeper on the reciprocal relations between architectural development and colonialism, asserting the East as arena of production of cultural knowledge. Much of my focus was given to the exploration of the epistemologies and methodologies that foreground the subaltern in communicating matters of history. 

Currently I am working on my forthcoming book with the tentative title Architecture in Conflict: The Right to an Urban History of the Gaza Strip, 1967-1993 (contract with the University of Pittsburgh Press).

Publications (Selected): (*) Correspondence author, (Bold) first author.


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