Dr. Roy Kozlovsky

School of Architecture
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1994    ​B.Arch. Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

2001    M.E.D. Yale School of Architecture, Yale University, New Haven

2004    M.A. (arch) Graduate School, Princeton University, Princeton

2008    Ph.D. in Theory and History of Architecture, Princeton University, Princeton. 

           Dissertation: "Reconstruction through the Child; English Modernism and the Welfare State."



A. Books 

2013                          The Architectures of Childhood; Children, Modern Architecture and Reconstruction in Postwar England. London: Ashgate


B. Refereed Articles


2019                       "Pairing Le Corbusier and the Affordances of Comparisons to Architectural History." The Journal of Architecture. (Accepted Dec. 2018)

2017                       Y. Grobman, R. Kozlovsky, "A Multifunctional Computational Approach to Waterfront Design." Architectural Science Review. 60:6, 2017 (pp 446-459).

Dec 2016               R. Kozlovsky, Y. Grobman. "The Blue Garden: Coastal Infrastructure as Ecologically Enhanced Wave-scapes." Landscape Research Journal, 42:5, Dec 2016 (pp 439-454).

June 2015                 The “Glocal” Dynamics ofConstruction Labor and Digital Architecture: Preston Scott Cohen’s Addition tothe Tel Aviv Museum as Case Study. Journal of Building Construction andPlanning Research, 3, 82-94.

May 2014                  Kozlovsky R. and Grobman, Y. "Wave Park: A Techno-biological Model for developing the Israel Shorelines." Ecology & Environment 5:1, 86-88.

Nov. 2010                 “The Architecture of Educare: Motion and Emotion in Postwar Educational Spaces,” History of Education Journal 39:6, 695-712.


C. Articles in Architectural Journals (not peer reviewed)

2005                           “Beat Literature and the Domestication of American Space.” AA Files 51, 36–49

2004                            "The Child Grilled at CIAM." In Situ no. 7/8, 2004 (pp. 88–105)     

2003                           “Necessity by Design.” Perspecta 34, 10-27


D. Refereed Essays in Academic Publications

2019                          R. Kozlovvsky & N. Feniger. "Detour along the way; the co-production of preservation and transportation infrastructure." Scientific Bonanzas: Infrastructures as places of knowledge production, eds,. E. C. Heine  and M. Meiske. Pittsburg, PA: Pittsburg University Press, 2019.

2017                            "Siting Construction: Agency, Reflexivity and Temporality at the Glocal Construction Site," in Producing Non-Simultaneity: construction sites as places of progressiveness and continuity eds., E. C. Heine  and C. Rauhut, London: Routledge

2015                           "Architecture, Emotions, and the History of Childhood." Childhood, Youth and Emotions in Modern History: Global, Imperial and National Perspectives, ed. Stephanie Olsen. London: Palgrave.

June   2013               “The Architectures of Childhood.” The Children’s Table; Childhood Studies in the Humanities, ed. Anna Mae Duane. Athens: Georgia University Press. 124-144.

Nov.   2008               “Urban Play: Intimate Space and Postwar Subjectivity.” The Intimate Metropolis, ed. Vittoria Di Palma, Diana Periton & Marina Lathouri. London: Routledge. 195-217.

July    2008               “Temporal States of Architecture.” Modernism and the Middle East; Politics of the Built environment, ed. Kishwar Rizvi and Sandy IsenstadtUniversity of Washington Press. 140-161.

Jan.     2008              “Adventure Playgrounds and Postwar Reconstruction.” Designing Modern Childhoods: History, Space, and the Material Culture of Children, An International Reader, ed. Marta Gutman and Ning de Coninck-Smith. Rutgers University Press. 171-190.


E. Essays published in conference proceedings:

2014                            "On the Shores of Architecture: Computational Fluid Dynamics in Architectural Design." Rethinking Comprehensive Design; Speculative  Counterculture. Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA 2014). Kyoto: Kyoto Institute of Technology. 853-862.

F. Chapters in Books (not peer reviewed)

April  2010                “Les terrains d’aventure et la reconstruction d’après-guerre.” Anthologie aires de jeux d’artistes, ed. Vincent Romagny. Paris: Infolio. 33-67.

Oct.      2006             “A Short History of the Slide.” Carsten Höller: Test Site. London: Tate Modern. 36-53.

June      2004            “Beat Spaces,” Cold War Hot Houses; Inventing Postwar Culture, from Plastics to Playboy, ed. Beatriz Colomina et al. New York: Princeton Architectural Press. 190-215.


G. Book Reviews in Peer Reviewed Journals

Spring 2010              Book Review of A History of Children’s Play and Play Environments by Joe L. Frost.  American Journal of Play 2:4, 478-481.  

Dec.    2007              Book Review of A Manufactured Wilderness; Summer Camps and the Shaping of American Youth, 1890–1960, by Abigail A. Van Slyck, and American Playgrounds; Revitalizing Community Space,  by Susan G. Solomon. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 65:4, 539-542. 

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