Dr. Tal Dekel

תוכנית לימודי נשים ומגדר עמית הוראה
Dr. Tal Dekel
External phone: 03-5496678
Office: Rosenberg - Jewish Studies, 2


Name: Tal Dekel           Academic degree: Dr.       

Departments: Art History & Gender Studies Program, Tel Aviv University

EMAIL: tdekel@post.tau.ac.il



1993-1994    Tel Aviv University              Art History Department                          B.A.

1996-1998    Tel Aviv University              Art History Department                          M.A. studies

1999-2004    Tel Aviv University             Art History Department (direct to PhD)     PhD

2015             University of Maryland      Institute for Israel studies                        Post-doc



2015                  The Women Studies Forum, Tel Aviv University                  Chair

2010-present     Tel Aviv University, Department of Art History                       Lecturer

2004-2015         Beit Berl College, Ha'midrasha & Gender Studies                  Lecturer

2001-present     Tel Aviv University, Women and Gender Studies Program      Lecturer          

1996-1997         "Sabag – O.R.S" Art Collection, Tel Aviv                              Chief Curator



Since 2016 – EAIS member (European Association of Israel Studies)

Since 2015 – AWAGRI member (Association for Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel)

Since 2014 – AIS member (Association of Israel Studies)

Since 2013 – CAA member (College Art Association)

Since 2012 – Board member of "Achoti – For Women in Israel" (NGO)

Since 2012 – Editorial board of MIGDAR – Academic Journal for Gender Studies

Since 2005 – Advisor of the arts track, The Women and Gender Studies Program, Tel Aviv University.



2005. Autobiography in era of ' The Death of the Author' – Feminist art revisited, Annual Conference – Autobiography, Culture and Modes of Translations and Transformation, Beit Berl College.

2006. Gendered aspects in contemporary Israeli art – The holy scripts, Motar – the Annual conference of the Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University.

2006. From political activism to ideological art, Visioning A New World: Feminists Visions - Anuual conference of Gender Department, Beit Berl College.

2006. Reclaiming motherhood:  Women artists and Science, the case of artist Mary Kelly, Whose Science? Women, Gender and the Sciences - Annual conference, Tel Aviv University.

2006. Between the Shtaitel and Sheinkin – Jewish women and visual art, Gender, Religion and Society - Annual conference, Bar Ilan University.

2007. Between art and crafts – Levy's body of work, Women Artists in Israel – A series, The Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.

2007. A leader before her time: Feminism and art in Israel, the case of Miriam Sharon, Women Leaders, Feminist Leadership - Annual conference, Haifa University.

2007. From periphery to the center – Mizrahi women reclaiming the voice, Motar – Annual conference of the faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University.

2007. Autarchic economy – Female auto eroticism in the visual arts, An Other Sex - Annual conference, Tel Aviv University.

2008. Between America and the Orient: Constructing an Identity, Motar - Annual conference of the Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University.

2008. Following the footsteps of Kathe Kollowitz – Gendered aspects in Ruth Schloss's art, The History and Art Department, Bezalel - Annual conference, The Hebrew University.

2008. Art, education and struggle – Jewish Ethiopian women artists in the higher education system, Ethiopian Jewry - Annual conference of the Dahan Center, Bar Ilan University.

2008. Redirecting the Gaze: Mizrahi women artists in Israel, The Gender Studies department - Annual conference, Beit Berl College.

2008. Art and Struggle – Young Jewish Ethiopian Artists in Israel, 3rd International Conference on the arts in Society, Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham, U.K.

2008. What does feminism to do with us? Regarding feminism and women's art in early Israeli art, Women's Art: From the End of 20th Century until the 1960s, Tel Aviv University.

2008. Gender, ethnicity and nationality: Jewish Ethiopian women artists in Israel.  Arts Culture: Arts, Culture and Public Sphere - Annual conference, Venice, Italy.

2009. Garments, Femininity and gender perspectives – Social criticism in the modern era, Motar - Annual conference of the Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University.

2009. Back to the great goddesses: Contemporary artists, feminism and cultural consciousness, The Israeli Conference on the Study on Contemporary Spiritualities – Annual conference, Haifa University.

2010. Anti-war Feminism: Ruth Schloss as a founding mother in the arts and culture in Israel, and contemporary predecessors, The Shenkar College, The annual International conference of culture and society, Ramat Gan.

2010. The global woman, or, nickel and dimed – Women labor immigrants in Israel, The Women and Gender Studies Forum, Tel Aviv University.

2010. Women artists in the U.S. in mid-20th Century, Epos – International Art Film Festival, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

2011.  Discursive resources: Art as agency and praxis, about Esti Almo's Work, The Annual conference of the History and Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2011. Former USSR immigrants in Israel – Dialectics between the 'Here' and 'There', Motar – Annual conference of the faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University.

2011. Critical art and the absolute 'Other': Women labor works in Israel, exclusion in an ethno-religious Nation-State, The 6th International Conference on the Arts in Society. Berlin, Germany.

2011. Folklore, Ethnicity and Gender: Women's art in modern art, The Annual Conference of Folklore Studies, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

2012. Feminist Art in Israel – Between Local and Global, FAHC - The 3ed Annual Feminist Art History Conference, Washington D.C.

2012. Ageism – Gender and Old Age in Contemporary Art, Motar - The Annual conference of the Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University.

2013. Gender, Immigration and Ethno-Nationalism in Israeli Contemporary Art. On Becoming of Texts – Annual series, Tel Aviv University.

2013. Questioning Gender and Ethnicity: Appropriation and Reuse in the Feminist Pattern and Decoration Art Movement, International Conference Use / Reuse / Refuse: Art in Transition, Tel Aviv University.

2013. Feminist Mizrahi Women Artists in Israel, FAHC – The Fourth Annual Feminist Art History Conference, Washington D.C.

2014. Transnationalism, Feminism and Israeli-Ethiopian Women Artists, CAA – The Annual Conference of the College Art Association, Chicago.

2014. Gender, Migration and Poverty: Issues of Inequality between Social Groups in Israeli Art, Motar - The Annual conference of the Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University.

2014. About Migration, Gender and Art – Women and intersectionality in a Transnational Age, Sderot – Annual Conference for Society in Israel, Sderot, Israel.

2015. Scopic Regimes – The Art of Israeli-Ethiopian Women Artists, The Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, Oranim College.

2016. Contemporary Feminist Art, Jewish and Arab-Palestinian Women's Art, Annual Art Conference at the Arts Center, Givat Haviva.

2016. Women Immigrants in Contemporary Israel, 1st National Conference of Gender Studies, Bar-Ilan University.

2016. Where does she belong:  Gender, art and the globalized world, the case of Philippine women artists in Israel, The 32nd AIS (Association of Israel Studies) International Conference, Jerusalem.

2016. "Former Soviet Union Artists in Israel: Questions of Jewish Identity", The Annual Cymbalista Series, Tel Aviv University.

2016. "Mizrahi Identity in Israel – Questions of Gender and Ethnicity", 5th EAIS International Conference (European Association of Israel Studies), University of London.

2016. The other Others in Israeli art: Philippine artists in a transnational era, The 34th CIHA (Congress of the International Committee of the History of Art), Beijing, China.

2016. "Feminist Art in Israel Today", 5th Annual Conference Feminist Perspectives in Art Production and Theories of Art, Bilbao, Spain.

2017. "Alternative Sensorial Modalities: Gender and Perception in the Work of Palestinian Artist Anisa Ashkar," 105th CAA (College Art Association) Conference, New York.



Short list of publications


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Other Publications

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