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Guidelines to listening examinations


Number of annual exams – the school will hold one annual exam (a total of four exams towards a bachelor's degree).

Nature of the exams – the exams will be divided into two parts:

A. Short pieces (from the Norton Anthology). These pieces should be studied with exact precision where general background features will be requested. Historical, stylistic and analytic features can be found in the two volumes of the anthology. Hereinafter are the required details to be provided by the student for each work in the examination:

1. Style/period;

2. General knowledge of composer/ circumstances of the composition;

3. Genre and significance of the work to the genre;

4. Precise instrumentation or ensemble;

5. In vocal works: text contents and meaning;

6. Outstanding structural, textural and rhythmic or other elements, compositional treatment of the text in vocal works.


B. Whole works that must be identified by the same parameters that were customary until now:

Name of the composition and genre;
Opus number or otherwise;
Style (classical, romantic, Baroque etc.)


All materials necessary for preparation for the exams are available at the School of Music library (books and scores). During the next few weeks a moodle website will be opened for the listening exams in which the material will be made available. Likewise the lists will be posted on the school's website.



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