Audition Repertoire and Requirements - Graduate studies

Audition Repertoire and Requirements - Graduate studies​


Audition Repertoire and Requirements - Graduate studies
  • Keyboard Instruments
  • String Instruments
  • Brass Instruments
  • Woodwind Instruments
  • Percussion & Harp
  • Vocal Department
  • Composition and Conducting
Keyboard Instruments


1. A work from the Baroque era written originally for a solo keyboard (no arrangements) by Bach - Prelude and Fugue from Well-tempered Clavier or a multi-movement work: Suite, Partita (minimum of 3 movements), Toccata (in its entirety), Italian concerto, etc.

2. Classical work (Sonata, Variations, Bagatelle’s, Concerto, etc.) in its entirety.

3. Romantic work.

4. Impressionist work, or work from the 20th century, or contemporary work, or Israeli work.


Additional notes to the piano recital:

*At least one piece must display virtuosic ability.

*The above works must be performed from memory.

*Concertos must be performed with accompaniment (in live auditions applicants will bring their own accompanists)



  1. Baroque work (Frescobaldi, Couperan, Buxtehude)

  2. A work by J.S. Bach

  3. Romantic work (Mendelssohn, Frank)

  4. Contemporary work

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